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Piano, Keyboard, and Theory Instruction in the Minneapolis Area

Connor Bahauddin with multiple keyhboards
Connor Bahauddin

Piano, Keyboard, Theory
 lessons for all levels

Understanding your individual needs and goals is the key to a successful learning experience. My lessons are tailored to each student to help them develop and explore their skills.

Whether you are just beginning your journey, or are looking to expand your music theory, we'll work together to develop the right curriculum for you.

Lessons are 30 minutes. to 2 hours, and are given in the student's home or virtually. A discount is available for multiple students with consecutive lessons.

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I am a professional keyboardist performing, writing, and producing with over a dozen bands and musicians. I can been seen in Twin Cities venues several times per week. I've been teaching piano and music theory since 2021.

Connor Bahauddin performing on stage
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